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Smoke & Mirrors Partner Marina Dew


Marina has over 25 years experience in all aspects of the property business, from refurbishment  to remodelling and interior design.

Marina has done projects ranging from renovating a French Chateau, to building a New England style house near Chichester.
She has recently completed a total refurbishment/remodel of a Surrey hills hotel. Converting it back to a country residence.
She has been asked on many occasions to design & stage other people's properties.
Realising that it is so important to stage an empty property to sell, she has collaborated with her daughter Verity to create Smoke  & Mirrors.


Smoke & Mirrors Partner Verity Webster


For as long as Verity can remember she has loved houses and creating stunning interiors. Even as a little girl she would constantly move furniture around to change the feel of the room!
Verity studied as an actress and refurbished houses when she was not working. Verity have been involved in property for over 20 years and has been involved in refurbishing properties both in the UK and Europe, Verity believes that paying attention to every detail is the key to success. She loves to create a lifestyle that people are going to fall in love with. Quite simply it brings her much happiness so when her Mother, Marina discussed starting their own interior design company it felt like a dream come true.

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